The Reception of Ludwik Gumplowicz’s Ideas in Poland

Ewa Czerwińska-Schupp

The objective of the paper is to show the manner in which Ludwik Gumplowicz’s thoughts have been received in Poland. Pointed out are its delayed reception as well as factors affecting its form. An attitude commonly held by Polish researchers (Jan Karol Kochanowski, Aleksander Kraushar, Stanisław Posner, Mieczysław Szerer, Jan Stanisław Bystroń, and Franciszek Mirek), as to the native origins of L. Gumplowicz’s system and the scope of its influence in Poland, is pointed out. The discussion focuses on two layers of the evaluation of the Graz sociologist which prevail in current Polish papers: positive and negative ones. Against the background of the assumed attitudes, J. K. Kochanowski’s individual view is particularly worth noticing owing it to his creative and original qualities. A discussion of the validity of the two objections raised by Polish recipients of L. Gumplowicz’s works, namely Gumplowicz’s yielding to social Darwinism and his gradual acceptance of the Marxist views, rounds off the paper.

Keywords: Gumplowicz · Kochanowski · socjologia

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