Metaphysics – An Unknown Book by Wincenty Lutosławski

Tomasz Mróz

The article presents the last work of the well-known Polish neo-messianist philosopher, Wincenty Lutoslawski (1863-1954), who was also famous as a researcher into Platonic chronology. The typescript of the Metaphysics was preserved in The Archive of Science of Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) and Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences (PAU) in Cracow, and also by philosopher’s daughter – Janina Lutoslawska (1922–2006). It was recently edited and published. Lutoslawski worked on Metaphysics till the last years of his life. Metaphysics is divided into three parts: (1) Knowledge of Reality, (2) Theory of Personality, (3) Discovery of God. Part (1) is a historical and logical reconstruction of the development of philosophy. Part (2) deals with classification of characteristics of personalities. The third part presents four paths towards discovering the existence of God. The Metaphysics proves philosophical development of Lutoslawski, who consciously tended towards personalism; his personalism, however, was rooted in 19th century’s Polish messianism. Moreover, in the light of Metaphysics all the objections stating Lutoslawski anti-semitism must fall.

Keywords: Lutoslawski · metaphisics · messianism

Tomasz Mróz, Ph. D. — assistant professor at the history of philosophy unit, Institute of Philosophy, University of Zielona Góra. M.A. in philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy, Silesian University — Katowice (1999). Doctoral studies at the Department of Philosophy of the Jagiellonian University (1999-2000). Ph.D. in philosophy at the Institute of Philosophy, University of Zielona Góra (2004). Dissertation title: „Wincenty Lutosławski — a Platonist and Neo-Messianist”.
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