Towards the Romantic Idea of Subjectivity.On the Relationship Between German Idealism and the Conceptions of the Early Romantics: Novalis and Friedrich Schlegel

Anna Citkowska-Kimla

The ma­in pro­blem to­uched on in the ar­tic­le is the qu­estion of the re­la­tion­ship be­twe­en Ger­man ro­man­ti­cism and ide­alism, which oc­cur­red in the sa­me ti­me. Stric­tly spe­aking, the ba­sic task amo­un­ted to the an­swer to the pro­blem whe­ther this re­la­tion­ship me­ant a si­mi­la­ri­ty or a di­scre­pan­cy.

The con­si­de­ra­tions on the ro­man­tic idea of sub­jec­ti­vi­ty con­ta­in ma­ny aspects be­cau­se of the na­tu­re of the ve­ry con­cept of sub­jec­ti­vi­ty. This con­cept re­fers to so­me epi­ste­mo­lo­gi­cal is­su­es, to the qu­estion of ac­ting and cre­ating, to the con­nec­tions with the trans­cen­den­tal sphe­re, to na­tu­re, hi­sto­ry and cul­tu­re. The­re is a con­nec­tion be­twe­en the ro­man­tic idea of sub­jec­ti­vi­ty and pro­blems li­ke the trans­cen­den­tal po­etry. The­re­fo­re the­se is­su­es are ta­ken up.

The conc­lu­sion which can be drawn from the con­si­de­ra­tions in­di­ca­tes that ro­man­ti­cism and ide­alism sho­uld be se­pa­ra­ted. Al­tho­ugh the­re are so­me pa­ral­lels, the cha­rac­ter of the­se cur­rents is dif­fe­rent. The fact that the cre­ators of them had clo­se con­tacts can­not chan­ge the fi­nal pic­tu­re.

Keywords: Novalis · Friedrich Schlegel · romantism · subjectivity · idealism

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