The Controversy over Philosophical Foundations of 19th Century Polish Psychiatry. The Case of Henryk Struve’s Discussion with Medical Milieu

Mira Marcinów, Bartłomiej Dobroczyński

The article deals with matters of opinion in Polish doctors’ deliberations (up to 1860’s) on the subject of aetiology and nature of mental diseases. It aims at delineating the origins and history of the conflict, which resembles a dispute between somatiker and psychiker, that took place at the beginning of 19th century in Germany. On Polish territories, this polemics were fully explicated in the dispute between Henryk Struve and medical circles, in which the discrepancy of opinions concerned not the nature of insanity’s causes, but, above all, the problem of subjectivity of mental disease.

Keywords: Struve · psychiatry

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