Polish Homeland Project of Juliusz Słowacki

Janusz Goćkowski

A masterpiece which focuses on the matter is Król-Duch by Juliusz Słowacki. According to him, Poland should be an republic brave, wise and effective patriots Słowacki links positive model with a criticism of Polish elites made be regular citizens. He shows problems of Polish political thinking and acting starting since most ancient times to the period after downfall of the November Uprising. Słowacki points at honest and brave people but the refused the people who was obligated to act roles of political leaders a political marketing competences. He is trying connect rules of charismatic leaders with activity and invention of reflective patriotic citizens. What the worst in Polish political life is for him a continuity as social issues, especially since decline of the Republic of Both Nations to the occupation of partitions. Masterpieces of Słowacki can be defined as some kind of critical political science respecting problems of the nation in prospect of the history of long duration.

Keywords: Slowacki · November Uprising · krol-duch · Homeland

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