Spain and Europe as a Problem (From Generation of ‘98 until the Demise of Francoism)

Eugeniusz Górski

The article presents refl ections on Europe by the Generation of ‘98 Spanish writers and thinkers (chiefl y Angel Ganivet, Miguel de Unamuno and Ramiro de Maeztu) who, in the face of defeat (1898) in the Spanish-American War, proclaimed a program of moral and cultural rebirth for Spain. Their ambivalent attitude towards Europe was rejected by José Ortega y Gasset and Salvador de Madariaga, both the most pro-European 20th century Spanish intellectuals. The problem of Spanish relation to Europe was also widely discussed after the Civil War under Franco regime. The evolution from initial isolation to a fuller integration with Europe of the regime and its conservative Catolic culture are also shown in the article.

Keywords: Spain · Europe · Ganivet · Unamuno · francoism

Eugeniusz Górski (1947–2013) - Professor Ph.D, Senior Research Fellow in the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of Polish Academy of Sciences; Philosopher, Historian of Ideas and Hispanist.   »  

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