An Embarrassing Side of the Master of Common Sense or About Different Ways of Reading Aristotle’s Ethics

Leszek Skowroński

This article argues against the popular image of Aristotle as a common-sense philosopher, an image built by opposing him to Plato. In the first part, there is a short survey of ways in which some modern commentators try to ignore passages of Aristotle’s texts which do not fit into supposedly Aristotelian down-to-earth view of human life. The second part presents an example of a philosopher who brings these suppressed fragments to the fore and sees in them the essence of Aristotle’s writings on the human good.

Keywords: Aristotle · ethics · Boethius

Leszek Skowroński – M. A. in Philosophy (Jagiellonian University), is writing his doctoral thesis on the concept of eudaimonia in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics at IFiS PAN. Research interests: Aristotle’s practical philosophy, ethics, the historiography of philosophy.   »  

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