Stanisław Borzym: A Praise of Acquiescence

Szymon Wróbel

In the text I reminisce about my personal contact with Stanisław Borzym and his work. I start with an episode dating back to the summer of 1994 when I was able to get to know the professor with the help of Tadeusz Komendant. Then I provide an account of subsequent encounters up to the present day. In the article I argue that the central feature of Borzym’s cognitive reasoning is acquiescence and justice. Borzym reads in a acquiescent and just way, which means that he reads thoroughly and with understanding – he will not leave out a single sentence and, if necessary, only multiplies the possible number of interpretations. He behaves in the same way when it comes to people – he cannot negate or criticize anybody. However, as a result, he is destined to do the risky balancing act between opposite poles, options, domains, imperatives, dogmas, methodologies, and this makes his life a incessant stream of risk-taking, which, in his case, takes the form of permanent silence.

Keywords: Borzym

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