Heidegger and his Heirs

Theodore Kisiel

The point of departure in the paper is the problem of Heidegger’s well known question of being. The author undertakes the inner analysis of the relationship that man has with his being and with being itself, the Sein-Da-sein relationship. The question of being understood as the question of the sense of being contains two main relations: the understanding relationship and the existential relation that establish, respectively, the context and direction of the question (stasis and dynamis). Th e interplay of under-standing and ex-sistence throws light on the other dimensions of Da-sein, it is its disclosiveness, properizing power (Er-eignis) and historicity. The author indicates the fruitfull consequences of Heidegger’s fundamental questionability of being in Gadamer’s philosophical hermeneutics and Derrida’s deconstruction of logocentrism.

Keywords: Heidegger · question of being · ontology · Dasein · understanding · existence

Theodore Kisiel -  Professor Emeritus of philosophy at Northern Illinois University, well-known translator of and commentator on the works of Martin Heidegger. Kisiel is known for his research on the development of Heidegger's early thought. Main works: The Genesis of Heidegger's Being and Time, 1993; Heidegger's Way of Thought: Critical and Interpretative Signposts, 2002.

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