On the alleged and authentic heritage of Marxism in the philosophy of Russian renaissance

Sławomir Mazurek

The article constitutes an attempt to answer one of the most important questions that arises during research into Russian religious philosophy namely to what degree it remained dependent on Marxism. The author endeavours to settle this matter by confronting and analysing the ideas of eminent Russian thinkers including Fyodorov, Berdyaev, Frank and Vysheslavtsev. On the one hand he reconstructs their arguments against Marxism, while on the other he searches for parallelisms amongst their conceptions – in particular the critique of capitalism formulated by them – and the Marxist stance. Ultimately he comes to the conclusion that the currents parallel to Marxist ones were ingeniously incorporated by them into conceptions which as an entirety remain in evident opposition to Marxism.

Keywords: Marxism · Russian religious renaissance · religious philosophy · Fyodorov · Berdyaev · Frank · Vysheslavtsev

Sławomir Mazurek — Associate Professor at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Expert on Russian Philosophy; author of several books about so called Russian religious Renaissance, among others: Wątki katastroficzne w myśli rosyjskiej i polskiej (Catastrophical Currents in Russian and Polish Thought 1917–1950); Utopia i łaska. Idea rewolucji moralnej w rosyjskiej filozofii religijnej (The Utopia and The Grace. Idea of Moral Revolution in the Russian Religious Thought).   »  

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