About Friendship with Oneself in Aristotle’s Ethics

Maciej Smolak

The dilemma of friendship with oneself is examined in EE VII.6 1240a 8-1240b 39, NE IX.4 1166a 1-1166b 29 as well as in MM II.11 1210b 32-1211b 3. It should be noted that there is no consensus among the commentators on the two issues which are important from the point of view of Aristotle’s proper position in relation to the dilemma of intra-personal friendship. The first issue concerns the authorship of MM, the second relates to the chronology of the creation of EE and NE. In this article, the author presents Aristotle’s analysis of the problem of friendship with oneself and the possible way of its final solution.

DOI: 10.37240/AHFiMS.2020.65.2


Keywords: Aristotle · ethics · friendship with oneself · marks of friendship

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