Subject and Structure of Aristotle’s Metaphysics. Przeł. J. Bigaj

Paul Natorp

Paul Natorp aims at presenting the true structure of the book of Aristotle’s Metaphysics and thus to reconstruct the project of the First Philosophy and its real subject. Natorp achieves the i rst of these goals by making excisions in the text. He doubts the authenticity of the book Kappa, whereas book Delta is considered to be an artificial later addition. He suggests that many interpolations had been made by some minor peripatetic editor. The i nal text, he arrives with, is nevertheless a systematic and thorough presentation of the First Philosophy of Aristotle. It is focused on the problem of being qua being, and of any specific individual being, however perfect it may be. For too long has Metaphysics been read as theological treatise, whereas it is concerned with the fundamental philosophy. Natorp sheds also some light on the dif erentiations in meaning of “being” in Aristotle.


Keywords: Natorp · Aristotle · Metaphysics · ancient philosophy · First Philosophy

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