The Category of the Now As the Ontological Anticipation of the Historicity

Cezary Józef Olbromski

The text shows aporetical tension between historicity and temporality of the «now» of the individual. The partial solution of this problem lies in the distance between strangeness/otherness and the «now». The author uses late Husserlian phenomenology of time to confront these two perspectives: the «now» and historicity. h e i rst part of the paper is focused on meaning of the beingness as an ontological exemplii cation of being. The most originative presentation of time is made to prepare ontological ground of confrontation between time and historicity. According to the author examining Heidegger’s temporality, it leads to uncovering an ontological distance between temporality and the most [original] «now»/the first «now». h ere are also two kinds of historicity. The first one is within temporality itself, the second one, ontologically speaking between temporality and the «now». Explanation as strangeness/otherness, Mittelpunkt, diastasis, tension, and Zwischenpunkt are various notions of the same temporal reality that is realized between the ontologically important borders. In the second part, the author discusses with diastasis as a difference of two kinds of the past: “the pastness” and “the i niteness”. According to the author, the sense of diastasis is the transformation of the centre of gravity from the anchored in the flow of consciousness «now» to the «now» understood as the actuality of the remembered. Finally, the author inscribes the category of strangeness/otherness into the consciousness of the between.


Keywords: diastasis · historicity · the now · temporality · time · Derrida J. · Heidegger M. · Husserl E. · Waldenfels B.

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