Reading vs. Imputation. On Speculative Theology and Philosophy of Religion of Anselm and Kant

Robert Theis

In the first step Anselm’s methodological program will be reconstructed as a dialectical development of the truth-contents contained in the statements of faith. It will be shown how Anselm formulates those truth-contents in the form of necessity (rationes necessariae) with reference to existing ontological and metaphysical models. The sacred text always remains norma normans. In the second step it will be shown how for Kant the pure religion of reason constitutes the norma normans of every interpretation of the sacred texts and of so called doctrinal beliefs. In the third step several systematic remarks will be made regarding the status of speculative theology and philosophical theory of religion.


Keywords: Anselm · Kant · interpretation · norma normans · speculative theology · philosophy of religion

Robert Theis – Doctor of Science in Philosophy; B.A. in philosophy, M.A. in theology; éleve titulaire EPHE (5e section), Professor of Philosophy at the University of Luxemburg; visiting professor at the University of Saarland; vice-President of the Société d’études kantiennes de langue française (Society of the Kantian Studies in French); editor of the works of Christian Wolff and Europea Memoria (Olms, Hildesheim).   »  

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