Julian Klaczko on Worldview BreakthroughMaciej Soin, „Critical realism” in Social Sciences

Stanisław Borzym

This paper treats about the political ideas of Julian (Yehuda Leib) Klaczko. The author presents Klaczko’s fate as an assimilated Jew who would become one of the most influential Polish journal writers, publishing also in the most celebrated journals in Europe. The main emphasis of this article is to analyze and demonstrate the broader contexts of Klaczko’s thinking about the crisis of the world-view in the second part of the 19th century. The situation of Poland, its misuse and abuse by the Prussians and the Russians serves to present the idea that Europe has experienced a visible and dangerous discord between the Christian values and the political practice. The author also traces interesting analogies between the political and historical observations of Klaczko and Karl Löwith.


Keywords: Klaczko · Krasiński · Löwith · 19th century polish philosophy

Stanisław Borzym (1939-2023) – professor, former Editor-In-Chief of the “Archives”, for many years fulfilling directorial duties in the Department of the Modern and Contemporary Philosophy at the Institute of Sociology and Philosophy PAN. Specialist in the field of Polish philosophy of the XIX and XX century (particularly in its connections with French and German thought) and history of the modern philosophy. Publications: Bergson and the changes of the world-view in Poland, Ossolineum, Wrocław 1984; Polish philosophy 1900 – 1950, Ossolineum, Wrocław 1991; Panorama of the Polish philosophical thought, PWN, Warsaw 1993; The Presence of Hazard. Sketches on the general philosophy, IFiS PAN, Warsaw 1998; The Past for the Future. From the History of Polish Thought. IFiS PAN, Warsaw 2003.

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