Thinking of God in the 20th Century: The Case of Miguel de Unamuno

Cirilo Flórez Miguel

The article starts from the turn that is introduced in the treatment of God aft er the philosophy of Kant, abandoning the way of nature (proofs of the existence of God) and toward the feeling. Analyzes Freudian approach the future of an illusion and then focuses on the relationship of belief and identity, analyzing the case of Unamuno as a paradigmatic form of thinking about God in the twentieth century from the tragic sense of life. Presents the theory of risk of Unamuno and concludes with a performance of Th e Christ of Velázquez de Unamuno as a response to the nihilism of the “death of God”, highlighting the idea of “martyrdom” as an expression of Christian conduct (pragmatism) versus interpretation of faith as a system of ideas and beliefs.


Keywords: Unamuno · Turn · God · proofs of existence of God · feeling · future of an illusion · tragic sense of life · risk · nihilism · martyrdom

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