Johannes Volkelt and Heinrich Rickert and the Problem of Metaphysics

Tomasz Kubalica

The paper elucidates and compares Johannes Volkelt’s and Heinrich Rickert’s positions on the problem of metaphysics. It presents an analysis of views representative of the metaphysical approach of early neo-Kantian Johannes Volkelt and representative of Baden School of late Neo-Kantian, Heinrich Rickert. In the article I would like to make the reconstruction and the analysis of philosophies of Volkelt and Rickert in the context of the problem of metaphysics. he object is the content, premises and consequences of their philosophy in comparison to Neo-Kantian and other philosophies. he basis for the reconstruction are their expressions in their various writings. he purpose is the analysis of the transformation of Western metaphysics and their inluence on the contemporary thinking about the world.


Keywords: Heinrich Rickert · Johannes Volkelt · neo-Kantianism · metaphysics

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