Rickert – Famous neo-Kantianist or neo-Heglist? Notes on Reading

Andrzej J. Noras

In year 1929 Fritz Heinemann (1889–1970), Paul Natorps apprentice and associate professor at Frankfurt am Main University, published a book Neue Wege der Philosophie. Analyzing philosophy in anthropological context (Geist – Leben – Existenz) author is limiting neo-Kantianism to Marburg school and does not see the importance of the Baden school. Such an approach results in very interesting evaluation of Heinrich Rickert’s philosophy, who is shown in context of the neo-Hegelianism instead of neo-Kantianism. This paper is an attempt to analyze this conjuncture.


Keywords: Rickert · neo-Kantianism · neo-Hegelianism · epistemology · philosophical anthtropology

Andrzej J. Noras – Professor, Head of the Department of the History of Modern and Contemporary Philosophy at the University of Silesia, Katowice. Research interests: history of German philosophy, esp. of neo-Kantianism and philosophy of Nicolai Hartmann, epistemology and metaphysics.   »  

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