On The Method and Structure of Metaphysics

Viktor Warnach

The author poses a question regarding the current state of metaphysics. He perceives the sense of metaphysics in conceptualizing it as a theory of reality, which serves as a philosophical prism onto reality᾽s deep dimensions and basic functions; as well as a theory of essence (Kern) and the fundamentals (Gründe) of reality, which together allows for the emergence of its coherent understanding. Th erefore, the method achieved by the subject of metaphysics defi nes its structure as chiefly a “general metaphysics”, which can be subdivided into a more phenomenologically oriented enquiry into the structure of being, or “ontology”, and a relatively more explanatory study of the dynamic of reality, or “aitiology”. The metaphysics itself is boundless, as it needs to constantly address new questions, dealing with what is final and finality


Keywords: Metaphysics · metaphysical method · hermeneutics of reality · transcendentals

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