Max Scheler’s Political Personalism and “Sociological Argument for the Existence of God”

Jaromir Brejdak

This article presents the concept of Schelerian personalism in its relations structure. The beginning of this dialogical and personal structure gives the event of the holiness, the base of religious foundations of community in its dimension of co-responsibility and solidarity. The person is mainly personal community (Gesamtperson), a living network of relations, which builds the base of different types of sociality. There’s the first pillar of the community. The second pillar builds an indifferent to I and you division experience of live unity. On this two pillars are based Schelerian typology of sociality: Herd, Life Community, Society, Person Community (State, Nation, Culture Circle or Church). In this perspective the concept of Scheler’s personalism appears as a radical actualistic Political Theory.


Keywords: Person · Community · Holiness · Co-responsibility · Solidarity · soziologischer Gotteserweis · Personalism · Political Theory · Value

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