Talking with Dietrich Böhler about the Borders of Discourse

Piotr Rosół

The paper presents the conception of discourse ethics proposed by Dietrich Böhler. In this conception our ethical obligations stem from and should follow our relationships as partners in dialogue. I argue that each philosophical discussion needs not only the rules for conducting it, but should also show the possible points of dispute, as well as the relationship with the past and cultural factors, which could have influenced its shape. All these elements create the space for a dialogue, and should not be forgotten while we discuss and think about discourse, rules of discussion and possible misunderstandings. To have a conversation one needs space for disagreement, as well as a possibility of critical analysis of discussion rules, so that we can decide whether they should be changed or not. In my opinion Dietrich Böhler’s proposition does not leave enough space for making such changes.

DOI: 10.37240/AHFiMS.2019.64.17


Keywords: discourse · discourse ethics · rules of discourse · conflict · politics · relativism · universalism

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