Can we Address the Question of Wrongdoing on the Basis of Heidegger’s Ontology?

Magdalena Hoły-Łuczaj

The paper aims to elucidate how Heidegger’s ontology enables us to address the question of wrongdoing – which goes beyond the simple binarism of metaphysics and ethics – in terms of exceeding the possibilities of a given being, which causes its essential deformation. The problem of ontological difference is of key significance in this regard, because deterioration of the condition of a being has to concern its ontological dimension and not only the ontic one. Moreover, according to Heidgeger, such a change is not merely a lack, which leads to establishing a non-private concept of harm.

DOI: 10.37240/AHFiMS.2020.65.18


Keywords: Heidegger · ethics · wrongdoing · ontological difference · deformation

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