Krzysztof Michalskis Heidegger and Contemporary Philosophy in the View of Correspondence with Jan Patocka

Paweł Korobczak

The subject of this article is the influence of Jan Patočka on the intellectual development of Krzysztof Michalski. On the basis of the correspondence between the two thinkers, the author analyses to what extent Patočka influenced, in particular, the theses of Michalski᾿s doctoral dissertation, devoted to Martin Heidegger᾿s thought. In particular, the author emphasizes Heidegger᾿s dispute with Husserl over subjectivity and subjectobject structure, the relationship between phenomenology and ontology, the comparison of the Husserllian world of living (Lebenswelt) and Heidegger᾿s concept of the world, the question of finiteness, the question of truth, as well as the question of transgression of transcendentalism, to which the relationship between epoché and reduction is connected. The analysis shows Patočka᾿s unquestionable influence on the Polish philosopher. The text is accompanied by previously unpublished letters from Krzysztof Michalski to Jan Patočka.

DOI: 10.37240/AHFiMS.2020.65.20


Keywords: Krzysztof Michalski · Jan Patocka · Martin Heidegger · subjectivity · phenomenology · Lebenswelt · reduction · transcendentalism

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