Neo-Kantianism and the Emergence of Scientific Philosophy Program. Philosophy as Science and Literature

Andrzej Lisak

In order to understand the nature of philosophy it is necessary, at least after Hegel, to understand the nature of the relationship between philosophy, science (which is split into natural sciences and humanities) and literature. Their mutual relationship is indispensable for comprehending what philosophy actually is. Such an approach opens up a new perspective in academic research of the history of philosophy, where it is impossible to separate philosophy from those essential relations. The article attempts to preliminarily determine and describe such a perspective. Since in this short article I am unable to provide a broader outlook on the history of philosophy, I will restrict myself to the rather modest example, namely to the history of neo-Kantianism, where we can discern all the discussed matters in a nutshell.

DOI: 10.37240/AHFiMS.2022.66.67.5


Keywords: philosophy · literature · natural sciences · humanities · neo-Kantianism

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