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Archives of History of Philosophy and Social Thought publishes original essays of — high scientific quality, according to best critical and methodological standards, typical of the discipline. All submitted works should deal in an important and precisely defined topic of history of philosophy, ought to be founded on primary sources and to show the author’s acquaintance with the relevant literature and references. Polish translations of important philosophical articles may also be admitted to publication.

The journal offers papers in Polish and in congress languages as well. Scholars interested in publishing their works on AHPST should take special care of style (property and clarity are strongly recommended) and of language correctness. All authors are required to follow the editorial guidelines outlined here.

Papers should not exceed 40.000 characters; however, in special cases the Editors might admit longer texts.

The editors do not charge for the publication of texts.

Achives of History of Philosophy and Social Thought: article review form

How to submit a paper

All papers should be addressed to: as attached files. Rtf, doc and docx format are welcome.

Each file should contain full text of the article, two abstracts, one in Polish and one in English, (length: about 1 page, 2.000 characters), list of references, ORCID number, 4-8 key-words and a short note on the author (also in both Polish and English). If an author doesn't speek Polish, the Polish versions will be prepared by editors.

Code of Publishing Ethics

of the „Archive of the History of Philosophy and Social Thought”

Copyright is clearly determined in accordance with the act — Copyright Law. The author files a declaration that  the paper submitted to publication is an original text, does not infringe the rights of third parties, has not been published before and has been prepared on his /her own. Any borrowings, quotations, tables and comments to them used in the text should bear the appropriate footnotes. The author makes an adequate statement about the transfer of copyright to the publisher, who is granted a license to distribute the article, and consents to personal data processing (statement).

„Achives of the History of Philosophy and Social Thought” Editorial Board expects from the authors to adhere to the scholarly standards and shall make every effort to publish only quality papers meeting the highest ethical criteria. Members of the Editiorial Board will therefore attempt to react accordingly in any case of academic and scientific dishonesty, such as ghostwriting or guest authorship.

Members of the Editorial Board evaluate initially submitted articles, help the Editor-in Chief in selecting appropriate reviewers, protect their anonymity, ensure the confidentiality of the materials submitted to the Editors in the review and editorial process.

Editors guarantee protection of reviewers's data and confidentiality of materials submitted to the Editorial Board during the review process.

While evaluating the article the reviewers emphasize the reliability of content, originality and  adequacy with the profile of the journal.

All submitted articles will be peer-reviewed in the „double-blind review” system. In order to maintain the anonymity of the authors please send us the papers and all personal data in two separates files.

All articles will be reviewed by competent referees, selected from among the staff of permanent collaborators of AHPST. In particular cases, essays may be evaluated by guest specialists in the field the article is about. The list of reviewers-experts and authorities  in certain branches of knowledge — is posted on the website  It is updated when necessary.

Whoever usurps the authorship or misleads others as to the authorship of a whole or a part of another person's work shall be liable in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Law (consolidated version: OJ 2006 No.90, item 631 with later amendments).

In case of unambigously negative review the Editiorial Board may make a decision to reject the paper. Author can be asked to correct the submitted article according to the reviewers suggestions which will be a condition of the paper’s publication.

Reviewers are requested  to disclose plagiarism, misconduct and data manipulation.

Editorial Board will inquire about the financial support of the paper, including the information regarding the contribution of particular academic institution in the process of writing of the paper.

Members of the Editorial Board shall aim at meeting the expectations of readers and authors, constantly improve the quality of the journal, guarantee the high quality of published materials, promote freedom of expression and preclude commercial benefits which may infringe intellectual standards.

It is a duty of the members of the Editorial Board is to seek the best authors and reviewers, and to select appropriate topics.

Members of the Editorial Board shall be responsible for the acceptance for publication or rejection of the article. They only accept articles in case of which they have certainty that they contain reliable and accurate research results and information based on credible sources. They shall make every effort to detect plagiarism and support authors whose copyrights have been violated, shall apply sanctions against the unfair authors, such as removal of the article from the site, notification of the University, with which the author is associated, etc. They try to avoid the conflict of interest in case of rejected or accepted articles.

While deciding to accept or reject a paper for publication the Editorial Board takes into account the topic, originality, importance and relevance to the readers of the journal, without interference of the owner and the publisher.

Editors are responsible for the protection of personal data.

Point assignation

AHPST is included in the list of Polish journals issued by the Ministry of Science and University Level Schools and each author of articles published in AHFiMS obtains twenty points. The journal is ranked on the ERIH plus, Index Copernicus, Bazhum, CEJSH and EBSCO and CEEOL.

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The journal founded by Leszek Kołakowski, Bronisław Baczko and Jan Garewicz appears continuously since 1957.

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