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Homepage of „Archives of History of Philosophy and  Social Thought” provides you with the most important information regarding the Journal, abstracts of the articles and selected full papers.

This website is still being expanded, English version of it is being updated, database of authors and texts is being completed; abstracts of the articles will be added soon. Due to a large number of materials waiting to be processed it can take some more time to finish it– therefore we kindly ask for your understanding.

Our website contains Polish and English abstracts of the articles that has been published since 2007 (annals #52) and onwards. As far as the issues before that date (2007) are concerned, we decided to put abstracts in their original form – that is, in the form in which they have been published in the periodical. The previous volumes were rarely accompanied by English abstracts. More often they were supplemented with abstracts written in German, French or Russian. Therefore it is possible that Polish abstracts of the articles will not be accessible and the nominal English page will contain abstracts written in other languages.


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The journal founded by Leszek Kołakowski, Bronisław Baczko and Jan Garewicz appears continuously since 1957.

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