Volume 49 (2004)

18th Century and its Nelghbourhood
  • Bronisław BaczkoHistorical Fictions and the History of Utopias
  • Janusz Tazbir — The World in 16-17th Centuries
  • Mikołaj OlszewskiDid Rousseau read Seneca?
  • Anna Citkowska-KimlaFriedrich von Hardenberg's (Novalis) Early Romantic Philosophy of History and Religion. Christianity or Europe
  • Aleksandra PoradaFénelon and d'Argenson. Aristocrats Dream on Reforms
  • Tadeusz ZatorskiEducated and Englightened Superstition. Georg Christoph Lichtenberg’s Psychology of Prejudice
  • Stefan ZabieglikAdam Smith's Deism
  • Sabina KruszyńskaBenjamin Constant and His Works on Religion
  • Benjamin ConstantOn Religion from the Viewpoint of its Sources, Forms and Expansion
  • Jerzy TrzoskaAugustus II of Saxony and his Project to Establish Admiralty at the End of 17th Century
Other Studies
  • Steffen HuberThe Polish Antitrinitarian Adam Wiszowaty and a Metaphysical Definition of Human Person in His Conception of Rational Faith
  • Maciej SoinWitkiewicz and Bugaiev
  • Marek ŁagoszMemory as a Phenomenological Background of the Idea of Time
  • Piotr ŁaciakThe Place and Function of Eidetic Cognition in Edmund Husserl’s Transcendental Phenomenology
  • Adam SkibińskiRadical Constructivism as a Critique of Epistemology
  • Marian Karaś — Status Ecclesiae indirecte subordinatur. The Conception of Mutuał Relations of the Church and the State in the Contemporary. Roman Catholic Integrism
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