Volume 57 (2012)



F rom t h e e d i t o r 9
Joh a n n e s Z ach h u be r
World Soul and Celestial Heat. Platonic and Aristotelian Ideas
in the History of Natural Philosophy 13
Da r i u s z P i ę t k a<br />Th e Elenctic Proof of Aristotle’s Principle of Non-contradiction 33
K r z y s z t of Ja k u b c z a k<br />How Much Nothingness Can We Suff er? Some Remarks on
the Philosophical Foundations of Christian-Hindu and Christian-
Buddhist Dialogue 47
R a fa ł To c z ko
On Augustine,s Attitude towards Philosophy 65
Va l e n t i na L e p r i<br />Giordano Bruno Teacher at Wittenberg and the Rar. 51 83
Ro b e r t T h e i s<br />“Reading” vs. “Imputation”. On Speculative Th eology and Philosophy
of Religion of Anselm and Kant 95
M ał g or z ata Koron k i e w ic z
Th e Problem of Nonconceptual Content in Kant’s Philosophy 107
J u s t y na Nowo t n i a k<br />What Kind of Psychologist Was Kant? 123
A n dr z e j L i s a k<br />Hans Kelsen’s Pure Th eory of Law and the Marburg School 157
T h e od or e K i s i e l<br />Aft ermath: Whatever Happened to the Second Volume of Being and Time? 187
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Ta de u s z G a dac z
Edith Stein: Th omist or Augustinist? 217
C e z a ry Józ e f O l b roms k i
Th e Category of the “Now” As the Ontological Anticipation of
the Historicity 235
Da r i u s z Ł u k a s i ewi c z
Some Remarks on Husserl’s and Seiferts’s Ontology of Propositions 251
Ba rt ł o m i e j B ł e s z nows k i
Democracy and the Myth. “As If” the Political Philosophy by Leszek
Kołakowski 265
M ał g or z ata C z a r no c k a<br />Richard Rorty’s Fight against Correspondence Truth and His Vision
of Philosophy and Culture 283
Pau l N at o r p<br />About Aristotle’s Metaphysics, K 1–8, 1065 a 26. Przeł. W. Hanuszkiewicz 305
Pau l N at o r p<br />Subject and Structure of Aristotle’s Metaphysics. Przeł. J. Bigaj 319
S ta n i s ł aw B o r z ym
Th e Hidden Potential of “the Philosophical”; (Jacek Breczko –
The Historiosophies of the Writers from the Circle of „Kultura
Paryska”. Overcoming of Catastrophism and Rejection of Messianism,
UMCS Press, Lublin 2010, 536 pages). 373
M a r i a n Sk r z y p e k<br />Th e History of French Unbelief with Paradoxical Conclusion; (Sabina
Kruszyńska, To Understand the Unbelief. Philosophical Confessions
of the Unbelief in Modern French Thought, słowo/ obraz terytoria
Press, Gdańsk 2011, 432 pages). 379
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