Volume 63 (2018)

The 240th Anniversary of Rousseau’s Death

Aristotle 2400 years

  • Marian Andrzej Wesoły, Aristotle on Scientific Demonstration / Explanation
  • Joanna Sowa, Why Necessary, if not Necessary? On the Matter of the Efficient Cause in Aristotle’s De generatione animalium
  • Wojciech Wrotkowski, … τῇ μὲν ἡλικίᾳ πρότερος … τοῖς δ' ἔργοις ὕστερος …: the Relation Between Anaxagoras and Empedocles According to Aristotle, Several Forgotten Ancient Commentators and Some Famous Modern Scholars
  • Maciej Smolak, On Aristotle’s Proairesis in the Interpretation of Sebastian Petrycy of Pilzno. On 400th Anniversary of publication of Nicomachean Ethics translated and commented by Sebastian Petrycy of Pilzno


  • Maciej Smolak, About Pleasure – Chapters Eleven to Fourteen of the Seventh Book of the Nicomachean Ethics (EN VII.11–14 1152a36–1154b34). Introduction
  • Arystoteles, Chapters Eleven to Fourteen of the Seventh Book of the Nicomachean Ethics (EN VII.11–14 1152a36–1154b34)
  • Cezary Błaszczyk, William Graham Sumner – A Conservative Liberal. Introduction
  • William Graham Sumner, The Forgotten Man


Proofreading of English articles published in the 63/2018 volume of the „Archive of The History of Philosophy and Social Thought” was financed by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education from the resources dedicated to the popularization of science within the framework of the 555/P-DUN/2017 Agreement.


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