Danuta Załęcka

Danuta Załęcka — worked for the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAN) from 1952, initially as a long-term secretary of the professor S. Żółkiewski. In 1968 she started working for the Department of Modern Philosophy IFiS PAN. She ran also the secretariat of the „Archives”. She was a titan of work in the pre-computer era. She mastered deftly tons of papers and kilometers of shelves, handled enormous correspondence; she was also repeatedly rewriting  amended texts. She retired in the 90-ties of the XX century but nevertheless she was still helping for many years with the desk job.

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Volume 66/67 (2021/2022)

The journal founded by Leszek Kołakowski, Bronisław Baczko and Jan Garewicz appears continuously since 1957.

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