Oneself as a Story

Alice Koubova

This article focuses an analysis and critique of Ricouer’s conception of narrative identity as proposed in his work Oneself as Another. First, I will introduce Ricœur’s conception of hermeneutical anthropology that should function as a mediatory system between fundamental ontology of Martin Heidegger and analytical philosophy. I will explain that in the framework of this thought the narrative identity should also be developed as a mediatory notion and demonstrate Ricœur’s description of human being as an action and his claim that the structure of action corresponds to the structure of a text. Finally, I will deal with the ethical dimension of action as it is described by Ricœur and will sum up problems of his project.


Słowa kluczowe: arrative identity · mediatory function · action · hermeneutics · text

Pismo założone przez Leszka Kołakowskiego, Bronisława Baczkę i Jana Garewicza ukazuje się nieprzerwanie od 1957 r.

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