The Concept of Panaugia according to Francesco Patrizi and John Amos Comenius

Jan Čížek

The paper deals with the question of the relation between Francesco Patrizi and John Amos Comenius, especially in the regard to the metaphysics of light and its concept panaugia. It is without doubt that Comenius adopted the basic principles of his conception of the metaphysics of light from Patrizi. The light is crucial not only for the metaphysics of both authors; it also fi gures as a central part of their epistemological conceptions, which are de facto identical. Although Patrizi and Comenius deal with the concept panaugia and understand the metaphysics of light in the same sense, they diff er in their further handling of it. While Patrizi focuses on the natural-philosophical aspect of panaugia, Comenius further elaborates the epistemological and panorthotical aspect of the metaphysics of light.


Słowa kluczowe: Francesco Patrizi · John Amos Comenius · the metaphysics of light · panaugia · panorthosia

Pismo założone przez Leszka Kołakowskiego, Bronisława Baczkę i Jana Garewicza ukazuje się nieprzerwanie od 1957 r.

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