Scholia do księgi Alfa większa Arystotelesowej Metafizyki


First pages of Asclepius’s commentary to Aristotle’s Metaphysics contain several important testimonies regarding the origins of this work. One represents an attempt to explain the evident editorial flaws, such as discontinuities and lacunae, and on the other hand presence of repetitions and loanwords. Th ese flaws are attributed to Aristotle’s disciple, Eudemus of Rhodes. The second piece of information concerns the presumable authorship of the book Alpha maior. It was supposedly written down by Eudemus’s nephew, Pasicles. Finally, we find a mention on Aristotle’s book On wisdom, which may refer both to the dialog On philosophy, as well as to the first books of Metaphysics. While commenting on the book, Asclepius provides a general assessment of the whole book, in which he sees a first lecture on divinity and elaboration of the most venerable of the sciences, philosophy, which is sometimes referred to as the first philosophy due to its priority to all other sciences and arts.


Słowa kluczowe: sclepius of Tralles · Aristotle · metaphysics · philosophy · wisdom · first philosophy · divine science · principles · causes · principles of demonstration

Pismo założone przez Leszka Kołakowskiego, Bronisława Baczkę i Jana Garewicza ukazuje się nieprzerwanie od 1957 r.

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