Lech Szczucki – an Unconventional Historian of Philosophy

Zbigniew Ogonowski

This article is not solely an occasional elaboration; for although it cannot be denied that an anniversary celebration was the incentive for its writing, it is not the author’s intention to present a jubilee eulogy. Neither is “Archive of the History of Philosophy and Social Thought” a journal suitable for publishing congratulatory cards, nor is the author of this paper, unfortunately, a person who would be able to perform such a task in a stylish and graceful way. The aim I set for myself here is different – taking advantage of the anniversary character of the 47th volume of “The Archive”, I would like to present, briefly and to the point, without embellishments, the information concerning the forms of the celebrant’s scientific activity, rather untypical in the environment to which he belongs by profession, as well as to point out the results of this activity, materialised in the form of publications, though only the most important ones. On no account should this article be treated as an exhaustive discussion of Szczucki’s academic achievements

DOI: 10.37240/AHFiMS.2019.64.1

DOI: 10.37240/AHFiMS.2019.64.1


Słowa kluczowe: Ogonowski · Szczucki · arianizm · Dudycz

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Pismo założone przez Leszka Kołakowskiego, Bronisława Baczkę i Jana Garewicza ukazuje się nieprzerwanie od 1957 r.

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