Platoński Gorgiasz a kwestia politycznego zaangażowania filozofa

Zbigniew Danek

The article is an attempt to solve a dilemma in Platonic Gorgias, which is faced by a philosopher living in the reality of Greek polis, where he has to choose between his research interests and thus his absence from the current state policy, or the attitude of civic involvement in matters of the state. In the light of the findings made, the philosopher, whom Socrates embodies in Gorgias, refrains from participating in the political life full of perfidy and demagogy at that time. However, he puts forward a postulate, or even a programme of ethical improvement of citizens through individual didactic and educational work, which creates a new concept of political activity oriented on values other than the pragmatic goals of the then state activists

DOI: 10.37240/AHFiMS.2020.65.1


Słowa kluczowe: Platon · Gorgiasz · filozof · polityczne zaangażowanie · działanie spersonalizowane

Pismo założone przez Leszka Kołakowskiego, Bronisława Baczkę i Jana Garewicza ukazuje się nieprzerwanie od 1957 r.

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