To Meet Real. Problem of the Immanent Categorization in the Goettingen School of Transcendental Logic

Krzysztof Sołoducha

Transcendental logic is asking about the problem of the constitution of all objectivity. One answer sounds as follows: meeting of all objectivity always takes place in frames of the certain linguistic perspective understood as the categorization top down. This model of categorization however doesn’t let to evaluate different perspectives. They are simply completely equal of oneself, and, in a little bit cynical Feyerabend’s analysis, the one will turn out to be stronger, which is winning in the rhetorical or aesthetic clash. So we are applying to them quite normal rules of the pop culture. For solving this problem of the contemporary theory of the knowledge it is so necessary to put the problem of different models of the categorization, for example the bottom – up model of categorization and problem of conditions of the possibility of presumption sentences. In my text I am trying to show the paths of solving this problem as the condition for realization of idea of knowledge which can anew link logos and ethos.

Keywords: Misch · objectivity · categorization · philosophy of life · Humboldt · Dilthey · hermeneutics

Krzysztof Sołoducha – Associated Professor at the Institut for Humanities at Military University of Technology in Warsaw. Main fi elds of research: hermeneutic theory of cognition and language, philosophical bases of theory of marketing communication, philosophy of architecture. Author of: Life and knowledge. Georg Misch in search of postmetaphysical metaphysics; Burning down tracks on the mind. Introduction to the theory of the marketing communication (co-author and editor); Bajan. Exercises around patafonic, Surpluses of the consciousness. Translator of selection of writings by Georg Misch: Metaphysics, language, event. Editor in chief of e-quarterly „Krytyka Architektury” and internet portal   »  

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