Was Aquinas Right when He Claimed that Avicebron Departed from Aristotle?

Mária Mičaninová

Tomas Aquinas deals in Desubstantiis separatis with the excellence of holy angels. The refore, he began with man’s earliest conjectures about the angels. In this way, he was in a position to accept whatever he found that agreed with faith, and refuted whatever was opposed to Catholic teaching. Among opinions of the other thinkers, an opinion of Avicebron on spiritual substances from his work Fons vitae was included by Aquinas. Th e reason was that according to Avicebron the spiritual substances are composed of matter and form. Aquinas refuted opinion of Avicebron because it departed from opinions of Plato, and of Aristotle. What does it mean in detail is a topic of this paper. Its author is going to compare both Aquinas’s and Avicebron’s arguments to give an answer to a question if Aquinas was right when he claimed that Avicebron departed from Aristotle’s hylomorphism.


Keywords: Aquinas · Avicebron · hylomorphism · Neoplatonism · separated substances

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