Thomas White, an Aristotelian Response to Scepticism

Marco Sgarbi

The paper aims to examine straightforwardly Thomas White’s Sciri, sive Scepticeset scepticorum jure disputationis exclusio (1663) and to contextualise it in the broadest intellectual framework of the seventeenth-century Aristotelianism. From the examination of the Exclusio we can see the novelty and freshness of White’s Aristotelian positions in attacking all kinds of scepticism. These originalities are the subject of the present article, rather than the well-known controversy with Joseph Glanvill.


Keywords: White · Aristotle · scepticism · seventeenth-century Aristotelianism · Glanvill

Marco Sgarbi – works on Renaissance philosophy, Aristotelianism and Kant. He published La Kritik der reinen Vernunft nel contesto della tradizione logica aristotelica (2010); Logica e metafisica nel Kant precritico (2010); Immanuel Kant, Crítica del Juicio (2011); Kant on Spontaneity (2012); The Aristotelian Tradition and the Rise of British Empiricism (2012), Kant e l’irrazionale (2013). He has been Frances A. Yates Short-Term Research Fellowat Warburg Institute (London), assegnista di ricerca at Università di Verona, Fritz Thyssen--Stipendiat at the Herzog August Bibliothek di Wolfenbüttel, post-doc research fellow at the Accademia dei Lincei-British Academy and now is Jean-François Malle Fellow presso Villa ITatti. The Harvard University Center for Italian Renaissance Studies. He is the editor of the Encyclopedia of Renaissance Philosophy in 4 vols. (Springer, 2017) and the Principal Investigatorof the ERC Starting Grant 335949 on Aristotle in the Italian Vernacular: Rethinking Renaissance and Early-Modern Intellectual History (c. 1400–c. 1650).   »  

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