“The New Wittgenstein” and His Followers

Maciej Soin

The article contains a critical analysis of the main threads of so-called resolute reading of Wittgenstein’s philosophy as presented by – among others – Cora Diamond and James Conant. Two elements of their claims are particularly discussed, namely (1) the thesis presenting Tractatus as the set of plain nonsenses, and (2) the belief, that the refl ection on a relation between language and reality necessarily ends up with plain nonsense. An argument against fi rst conviction is (1) an alternative account of Wittgenstein’s thesis about Unsinnigkeit of the sentences of Tractatus (6.54). Moreover, one can show, that (2) Wittgenstein rejects the thesis about impossibility to present the Form der Abbildung with the model of language interpreted as a calculus.


Keywords: wittgenstein · Diamond · Conant · philosophy of language · resolute reading · external/internal point of view

Maciej Soin — Associate Professor, Institute of Philosophy and Sociology PAN (Warsaw), University of Information Technology and Management (Rzeszow). Main publications: “The Philosophy of S.I. Witkiewicz” (1995), “Grammar and Metaphysics. Wittgenstein’s Problem” (2001), “Th e Question of Truth. Wittgenstein and Analytic Philosophy” (2008). His current research focuses on applications of linguistic philosophy to sociology and ethics.   »  

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